Updating an existing website

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Updating an existing website

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Other clients have such infrequent updates it is not cost efficient to perform the work in-house.and in 2014 we gave the site a new look and transformed its navigation, creating…All Services, Audio Production & Sound Recording, Camerawork & Camera Hire, Client-managed sites, Creative Consultancy, Creative Sector Websites, Filming Services, Graphic Design, Live Event Filming, Mobile Responsive Websites, Music Videos, Production, Promotional videos, SEO sites - Search Engine Optimisation, Updating and amending existing websites, Web Design, Web video sites, Word Press websites from £395...By Jan Zimmerman To make content changes to your business website cost-effectively, you need a method of making changes that don’t require knowing HTML or paying your web designer every time you need to make a small change.Updates are critical to your customers’ perceptions of your company, as well as to search engine ranking.

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In 2014 Ian filmed, edited and packaged 11 videos and an 8-minute compilation video as a record of a Writer In Residence project at Phoenix Hub, a centre for sufferers with mental health conditions.

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