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Sharepoint 2016 rss feed not updating

2011-02-22: Updated links because the release notes I had before to 6.1.x and above did not work anymore.

Also changed the sub-versions in 6.1.x and above to the latest released one by HP.

2013-10-03: Made it a bit clearer regarding which is the earliest firmware you can upgrade from. 7.0.2d out and 6.4.3e link to 2013-11-14: Removed comment that B300 does not support 6.4.x – it does! Thanks Eugene :) 2014-02-07: Added new link to HP’s page for FOS 5.2 to 6.3 Thanks Leo R! Note about BNA version required to manage Fabric OS v7.4 switches.

When you see 5.2.x this mean any version in the Fabric OS 5.2.x series.

For upgrades this would generally mean the latest available in that series (like 5.2.3 for 5.2.x or 6.0.0c for 6.0.x) unless of course there is a problem with the latest.

Also made post a little easier, wrote a little about the release.plist confusion.

2011-05-24: Added example to show that driver updates are important. 2011-07-12: Added FOS 7.0.0a 2011-07-14: Added link to HP knowledge base and updated a link to an ITRC forum thread to point to the new forum.

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