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There has been no downtime for the last few months.

My clients are ecstatic that I can set passwords not to expire.

He reports Office 365 mailboxes that have gone through seven different servers.

Either Microsoft is making more changes than expected as they balance out the Office 365 load, or there’s an error in the way the servers are set up that causes them to challenge users too often. 1: INSTALL OFFICE UPDATES In my experience, the repeated password prompts are happening far more often with Outlook 2007 than with Outlook 2010.

Most people find that checking the box to “remember my credentials” makes the prompt disappear for days or weeks but others have it popping up frequently, as often as every few minutes.

POSSIBLE UNDERLYING CAUSE: SERVER CHANGES There is reason to suspect that Microsoft is moving Office 365 mailboxes from one server to another behind the scenes. Outlook is automatically updated with new server names deep in the mailbox settings.Why some tablets provide clear text on all screens and other identical units don’t has been driving me nuts.Today however, I found the solution: Set one of the external screens to be the MAIN screen, then log off and on. It appears that if the lowest resolution screen must be set to the primary… This is a real problem when you have high end computers like the Microsoft Surface 3 or Surface Book which are about 3000 x 2000 and you have an external (or two) that are the more traditional 1920 x 1080.In many cases the most recent service pack has not been installed.Office 2007 Service Pack 3 is pushed as an Important update but not automatically installed.

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It’s a huge download and slow to install and frequently requires a system restart. 3: LOOK THROUGH WINDOWS CREDENTIALS Windows 7 has an interesting Credential Manager.

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