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As people, the band’s time wasn’t their own anymore.

In March ’91, Ride Mark 1 released the ‘Today Forever EP’, with a killer shark’s jaws warning off competitors from the sleeve and the mesmerizing lead tune, ‘Unfamiliar’, doing much the same in music.

‘Take me for a ride away from places we have known,’ Mark crooned on ‘Chelsea Girl’…Ride had tunes, noise, looks, style, confidence, everything.And they had youth: their two guitar-playing singers Mark Gardener and Andy Bell were both just 19, as was drummer Laurence ‘Loz’ Colbert.It leapt into the singles chart at No 14, a career best, but already they were planning Ride Mark 2, to leave their peers for dust.‘All that stuff just means we do something different next time,’ Queralt informed Select magazine’s David Cavanagh at the time.

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They toured the US for the first time, nipped down to Australia and back up for a second visit to Japan.

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