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Dating sites age ranges

is held solely for the purpose of training the armed forces. The training estate comprises 16 major armed forces training areas, and 104 other minor training areas, ranges and camps.

The public has access across Holcombe Moor for the majority of the time, with restrictions only in place during periods of live firing.

Telephone: 01206 736149 An area of grassland lying in the floodplain of the River Witham where the waterlogged fields in winter and sympathetic management has resulted in a rich variety of wild plants.

In addition to enjoying the plants you will also find a wide range of insects and some interesting birds. There is a network of public rights of way mainly in the western area of the site. There is no access at any time to the live firing danger area.

The land comprising the current training area was acquired between 19.

In conjunction with military training, Catterick training area is predominantly used for extensive livestock grazing, while the better in-bye land is farmed more intensively for hay, silage and arable crops.

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Live firing notices are issued to local parishes and the police.